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This notice is to inform you of the restrictions regarding the use of any nicotine delivery products, including E-cigarettes. It is clearly outlined in the Regulations of the Town of Saugus Board of Health Restricting the Sale and Use of Tobacco Products & Nicotine Delivery Products, that the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited wherever smoking is prohibited per M.G.L. Ch. 270, §22 and the Saugus Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Workplace and Public Place regulation. Based on these regulations, smoking of any kind, including E-cigarettes and/or any nicotine delivery system is prohibited in any school, on any school's ground, at athletic fields, and at any school events. This applies to both students and adults.

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Welcome to the Belmonte Middle School website. This is a place to find out what is going on in our school! Whether you need specific information on an upcoming event, bus route information, or links to our community, our site can help you..

Belmonte Middle School is committed to fosteringa partnership between our school and the community. To that end, we hope this website will serve as your "first choice" communication link between our school and your home

Belmonte Middle School's National Junior Honor Society raised over $3,000  for the North Shore Cancer Walk and earned a commemorative brick in North Shore Medical Center's Healing Garden!

The Belmonte Middle School NJHS Brick says:

"Seize Your Moment,
Leave Your Mark
BMS ~ NJHS 2014"


Belmonte Middle School
25 Dow Street
Saugus, Massachusetts 01906

Voice: 781.231.5052
Fax: 781-233-5665

Kerry Robbins, Principal

Myra Monto, Assistant Principal,
Grade 6 and Grade 7 Bradstreet Team

Mr. William Donadoni, Assistant Principal,
Grade 7 Barton Team and Grade 8

School Hours

7:50 A.M. - 2:10 P.M.
Early Release Time: 11:15 A.M


As a district, we are attempting to understand reasoning behind the selection of high schools.  We would like to gather insight concerning your choices.  Please take the time to answer and we will use this information to improve our focus.  Please click on the link to participate in this process; your responses will be anonymous.  Thank you in advance for your anticipated participation.  

Summer 2016

Grade 6 Orientation

Summer Work-ELA Grades 6, 7 and 8

Summer Khan Academy Grade 6 Math students

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Teen TV Workshop 2016

BMS 2016 SIP

BMS detailed report card

BMS report card overview

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Saugus 2015 YRBS



Student Handbook 2015-16

The Payment Center for Saugus Public Schools has moved. Please click HERE to make your payment. 

February STARS

Belmonte Middle School  presents STAR students who were recognized by their teachers for achieving in one of the following ways:

Homework Hero- a student who is consistent in their homework effort and completion, who you know will have it done or have done their best with it regardless of the difficulty or simplicity of the assignment.
Attendance All-Star- a student who is ALWAYS here, who you know will be in your class, who comes when it's cold, when the weather is bad, and even when most other students would have stayed home given the choice.
Positive Presence- this student is the one who brightens up your class and brings the whole class up. Maybe a student who is always contributing, always looking on the bright side, maybe a student who just walks in with a good attitude despite anything going on around them.
Helping Hand- this student is one who you can always count on to lend a helping hand, whether to you, another staff member, or a student. Maybe the first to lend another student a pencil, maybe the first to volunteer to help another kid, maybe the first to volunteer to do an errand or stay after and assist with something.

These are decided by teams of teachers, and is a direct recognition of their own students.  We are extremely excited about the number of amazing students we can shine a spotlight on!

Criteria for Payment Plans

Saugus Public Schools Substance Abuse Policies and Substance Use Prevention and Education


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