The Great Seal of the Town of Saugus, Massachusetts

The Town of Saugus
Cable TV Commission

Our Purpose

The Saugus Cable TV Commission serves as an advisory board to the Saugus Board of Selectmen.

The purpose of the Commission is to review, oversee and discuss the operation of and complaints against cable television service in Saugus (currently provided exclusively by AT&T). The Commission then makes any necessary reports and recommendations to the Selectmen.

Our Meetings

Public meetings are held on a monthly basis or as needed in the Saugus Public Library. Usually they will be announced in the Saugus Community Event Calendar.

Our Members

Each member is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and serves on an annual basis.

Our Current Work

The current business before the Commission is to participate in the negotiations with the RCN company to become the second company to wire Saugus for cable television. This will allow residents to have an alternative choice for their cable television service.