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FSS Program Information (Sorry, No Longer Administered by the Town of Saugus)

Who is eligible for the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program?

The FSS program is specifially designed to work with families who receive Section 8 housing assistance and who are motivated to increase earned income.

How does FSS work?

The FSS Coordinator helps you develop your own plan that will identify your employment goals and the services you need to achieve these goals. Services may include:

Workshops such as parenting education, stress management, résumé preparation, interviewing techniques, nutrition, budgeting, etc. may be offered. As you begin to achieve your employment goals, you will have the opportunity to save money in an escrow savings account.

How does the savings account work?

When your rent goes up due to an increase in your earned income, the Housing Authority will deposit into a savings account a percentage of the difference between your initial rent and your new payment. You will receive all the money in your savings account, plus interest, when you achieve the goals in your plan. This money is yours to use to buy a house or a car or on anything else you wish to spend it on.

Do families have to give up Section 8 when they complete their FSS plan?

No. You continue to receive Section 8 assistance as long as you are eligible.

How do I apply to the FSS program?

In Saugus contact:

FSS Coordinator
Saugus Housing Authority
Saugus, MA 01906

Sorry, Saugus no longer administers an FSS program.

In Melrose call 665-1622 ext. 27; in Reading, 944-6755 ext. 14; and in Wakefield, 245-7328.