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Supportive Residential Care


A new initiative being developed by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs (Elder Affairs) and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) focuses on allowing elders in senior housing to "age in place". This project will further integrate the delivery of community based services (case management, homemaker / personal care, home delivered meals, transportation, shopping, and laundry service) within senior housing complexes. This program is being designed to create a supportive housing environment in which residents can access personal care services and other supportive services around the clock.

Program Description

The supportive senior housing initiative is intended to create an enriched living environment by providing supportive services to elders within senior housing complexes. The program will pool resources and a Housing Authority in an existing development. The services will be offered on an as needed basis. Private pay residents can purchase the entire package of services or specific services based on their needs. Residents who are home care eligible will be able to receive all or some of the services at no additional cost. The following are the services that are available to elders participating in this initiative:

Program Administration / Service Delivery

Case Management: The Supportive Senior Housing Program will be administered through regional ASAPs in collaboration with the local housing authorities. In order to participate in this program, the elder must be assessed by a case manager from the local ASAP. The assessment will determine whether a resident is eligible for services offered at the housing complex. The resident, family members (if appropriate) and the case manager will develop a service plan that would meet the resident's needs. Case managers will be responsible for monitoring the service plan on an as needed basis. The case manager may be responsible for planning social activities for all residents.