The Great Seal of the Town of Saugus, Massachusetts

The following is a listing of the properties included in the Inventory of Cultural and Historic Resources prepared for the Commission in 1986, as well as additional properties listed in the Massachusetts Historical Commission's MACRIS database.

Copies of the inventory forms are available in the Local History Room of the Saugus Public Library.

It should be noted that because of their sensitive nature, achaeological sites are not included in this listing.

The Commission invites the public to submit names of additional properties not on the Inventory that they believe may be of historical significance to the Town, the State, or the Nation under one or more of the following themes:

  1. Are associated with events, activities, or patterms of development or culture;

  2. Are associated with important persons;

  3. Possess distinctive physical characteristics of design, construction, or form, or are outstanding examples of a particular style or era; or

  4. Are sites that have potential to yield important information through archaeological investigation.

Suggestions should be sent with any available documentation to:

Saugus Historical Commission
Saugus Town Hall
298 Central Street
Saugus, MA 01906

East Saugus, ca. 1910