The Great Seal of the Town of Saugus, Massachusetts

The Town of Saugus contains hundreds of sites and structures having architectural, archeological, or historical significance. At the present time, five properties are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, two of which have been designated as National Historic Landmarks by the Secretary of the Interior.

National Register Properties:

  • Boardman House (NHL, 10/15/1966)
  • Breakheart Reservation Parkways (8/11/2003)
  • Lynn Fells Parkway (5/9/2003)
  • Saugus Iron Works (NHL, 10/15/1966)
  • Saugus Town Hall (6/20/1985)

The Commission completed an Inventory of Cultural and Historical Resources in 1986. This inventory was largely confined to resources that were at least 50 years old, and did not include many additional resources reflecting the growth of the Town since World War II. The Commission intends to update the inventory to add resources relating to this most significant period in local history.

The Commission is also pursuing the nomination of additional properties to the National Register of Historic Places. Foremost among these is the Saugus Center National Register District, which would include most of the buildings in the immediate area of Saugus Center, including the Saugus Town Hall, First Town Hall (American Legion), Center School (Town Hall Annex), Roby School, Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Revolutionary War Burial Ground, Old Stone Church (Park Press), Universalist-Unitarian Church, First Congregational Church, and several houses along Taylor and Main Streets. The Commission has funding from the Town Meeting to hire a consultant to prepare the nomination forms and will hold a public hearing on the project once a consultant has been hired.

Saugus Town Hall