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1999-2000 North Suburban Hockey League Playing Rules

The North Suburban Hockey League (NSHL) will be governed by the rules of 1999-2001 USA Hockey Rule Book with the following additions and amendments:

NSHL Team Registration & Composition

  1. All teams participating in the NSHL must be registered in accordance with both USA Hockey and MA Hockey guidelines.
  2. No player may appear on more than one roster within the League. A player from a lower level team may be carried as an alternate and play up to 5 league games with a higher level team. If a player plays in over five games with the higher level club, this player will be ineligible to play again with the lower level team. Each time an alternate player participates, he/she must sign the game sheet prior to the start of the game.
  3. Team rosters will consist of a maximum 20 players.
  4. All players, including alternates, will wear the same jersey numbers for the entire season. Any team that changes jersey numbers must notify the NSHL office within 5 days after game is played. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of that game for the offending team.
  5. Any team that does not dress a minimum of 7 players and a goalie for a NSHL game will automatically forfeit that game upon completion of the first period of play. At this time, it is the responsibility of the non-offending team's coach to notify the game officials of the forfeit.
  6. A player must have played in at least 50% of his teams games to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

NSHL Game Rules

  1. All NSHL games will be 60 minutes in duration. This will consist of a 3 minute warm-up period followed by the first two periods of 12 minute stop time each. The third period will be coordinated so that the end of the game will coincide with the 60 minute clock. Please note, that depending on the circumstances, there may be some running time.

  2. The last two minutes of any game that is tied or has a one-goal differential will be played using stop time.

  3. The parity round will consist of 8 weeks. A team's parity round record will not be included in the regular season standings. There will be no parity for the Midget division.

  4. The regular season standings will be computed by 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. The first four teams in each division will advance to the playoffs. .In case of a tie in points, seeding will be determined by:

    1. Teams head-to-head record.
    2. Teams goals for minus goals against number for all regular season games.
    3. A tie-breaker game will be played.

  5. Teams not prepared to begin game after the 3 minute warm-up period will be subject to a delay of game penalty.

  6. Prior to the start of the game, each coach will designate on the game sheet who the captain for his/her team will be for that particular game.

  7. The only names that are to appear on a NSHL game sheet are those players and coaches who are on the players' bench during that scheduled game.

  8. When two teams have the same colored jerseys for a schedule game, the NSHL will supply pullovers to the home team.

  9. The discipline penalties for fighting in a NSHL game are as follows:

    First Offense:
    Major penalty, game misconduct (Out for remainder of game and next league game).
    Second Offense:
    Major penalty, game misconduct, automatic 30 day suspension. Review of players' future participation done by NSHL Board of Directors.
    Third Offense:
    Same as second offense.

  10. Any coach, manager or team trainer ejected from a NSHL game will automatically receive a minimum one game suspension from the League. Those offending a second time will be placed on indefinite suspension until proper review of situation can be addressed by the NSHL Board of Directors.

  11. Any coach or player who has been suspended by the NSHL may not participate in League competition or violate any of their suspension terms during the suspension period. Any coach or player failing to comply with these terms will risk further disciplinary action Tom the league and will risk potential action against their town program. It is the responsibility of the program, its coaches and parents to monitor and control their own people:

  12. Any coach, manager or trainer whose behavior is determined to be unsatisfactory or detrimental to his team will be subject to disciplinary action by the League. Any parent acting in the same manner will be banned from all NSHL competition.

  13. There will be no shaking of hands for any NSHL game, regardless of level. The team whose bench is closest to the dressing rooms shall leave the ice first.

  14. All complaints, written or otherwise, by directors, coaches or parents will not be accepted unless approved by the Board of Governors of that program.

NSHL Scheduling Rules and Procedure

  1. Although the NSHL requires that all scheduled games be played, there may be an occasion, such as a tournament or exchange, that conflicts with your scheduled league game. As the NSHL supports the opportunity for teams to take part in such events, the following procedure has been established:

    When it becomes evident that a valid conflict exists with a scheduled game, your League Representative must notify the NSHL office. Provided there is at least three full weeks notice, the NSHL will attempt to accommodate your request and reschedule the conflicting game.

    Since finding a suitable rescheduled time is not always possible, other solutions may be necessary, namely playing the conflicting game on your own practice ice. If this is the only solution, you must provide a reasonable hour of ice that is suitable for the opposing team. Additionally, the host team is responsible for contacting the NSHL Referee-in-Chief to have qualified officials present and must use an official NSHL game sheet. This game sheet must be returned to the League office within 48 hours following the completion of game. Both teams playing in make-up game are charged a regular game fee by the League.

  2. Game conflict with another league, team practice, last-minute tournament entry, Super Bowl Sunday, etc. do not constitute valid conflicts.

  3. Game swaps will not be allowed after March 1st. If you have a conflict that will occur after March 1st, the game must be made up in advance.

  4. Any team requesting a make-up game is responsible for full payment of ice, officials and scorekeeper.

  5. If a team is unable to make a NSHL game and reschedules game to their own ice, the regularly scheduled game ice time is then turned back over to the League.

  6. All teams opting to play a game on their own ice must complete game within three weeks of its originally scheduled time or game will be considered a forfeit. Team will be double-billed and the opposing team will not be charged.

  7. All NSHL coaches should be willing to oblige teams and work with the League in the best interest of the players and member programs. Any coach refusing to provide a required make-up game or any opponent that refuses a reasonably scheduled make-up game will be penalized by the League. Your cooperation will insure all players have the opportunity to play their full compliment of games.

  8. Any program which fails to notify the League office within 72 hours of a scheduled game that their team will be unable to play will be fined $150. For a second offense of this rule, program will be fined $300 and face possible further discipline from the League.

  9. All game changes and/or game additions given out by the League to a program's league representative must be continued by the program within 48 hours of said notice. Failure to notify the League within 48 period will result in offending program being held responsible to play game under the conditions of rule #23.

  10. In case of inclement weather, it will be the NSHL Director's decision to postpone League games. If such a situation arises, league representatives will be notified as well as announcement made on the NSHL phone line (781-231-4030).

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