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The Town of Saugus
Year 2000 Millennium Celebration

The Story So Far...

The Saugus 2000 Millennium Celebration Committee can trace its origin back to a letter sent to the Saugus Board of Selectmen on January 14, 1997. Dr. John Mangini wrote to the Board stating that they consider appointing a steering committee to investigate the feasibility of planning a Town-wide program to appropriately observe the turn of the calendar from December 31, 1999 to the year 2000.

The Selectmen so voted and a group consisting of Mangini, Dr. Ted Golan, Betty DiFrancisco, and Dr. Herb Upton met with then Town Manager Richard Cardillo to set up a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing some form of entertainment / observance to mark the change of the year.

At first, the committee discussed an outdoor-type event similar to the New Year's Eve observances held in neighboring communities. A suggestion was then made to consider the possibility of locating an indoor site. Michael Kelleher, manager of the Square One Mall, was approached and he readily agreed to make the Mall available. In fact, the Mall's board-room became the monthly meeting site for the committee.

Numerous ideas were proposed and considered as the plans to make this a memorable event began to take shape. For entertainment, an indoor laser show was accepted, as opposed to an outdoor fireworks display, to mark the bewitching hour. Entertainment chair Herb Upton engaged the popular Ernie Sola Orchestra to provide music for dancing in the rotunda for the older folks while the popular local disc jockey, Alan LaBella, will spin the musical entertainment for the younger set. Bob Brenna, proprietor of the Balloonatics business in Cliftondale, was chosen to transform the Mall into a party fantasyland.

Other committee members assumed the task of providing interesting activities and entertaining diversions for the youngsters who will be in attendance with their families. Saugus high school students have joined the Celebration Planning Committee as well.

Realism soon replaced euphoria at the monthly meetings and the committee had to plan a realistic fund-raising / expense program. Treasurer Ted Golan, banker Betty DiFrancisco, and Finance Committee member Joe Favuzza made arrangements with Town Treasurer, Lisa Emma, to establish the proper banking procedures.

As a start, the committee approached the Town's Finance Committee for an appropriation of $2500 for start-up expenses. Founders' Day chairperson Donna Gould invited the committee to man a booth at the September festivities. Following a poster contest that was conducted by the high school art department to design a logo for the millennium committee, senior Angela Smith's entry was selected and Tee-shirts with her logo were ordered for sale.

Jim DePaolis, proprietor of the S. James Hair Design on Jackson Street, volunteered his expertise to sponsor and organize a Spring Fashion Show and auctioneer Diane VanNest is planning a Fall auction of Byers Collectibles to help defray expenses. The Saugus Chamber of Commerce will assist in fund-raising as well. Paul Ciccarelli, president of Bisbee-Porcella Funeral Home in Saugus, has accepted the chairmanship of the sourvenir / program book project as well as serving as contact person for the business community. Finally, in 1999, admission buttons for adults and children will be placed on sale locally with primary concern for all Saugus residents. A capacity crowd of about 3000 is expected.

The very first Millennium Event Admission button was sold on Jan. 20, 1999 to the Saugus Town Manager, Steve Angelo.

The Saugus 2000 Millennium Committee wishes to take this opportunity to thank the various businesses and individuals who have done so much already to ensure a successful welcome celebration as we enter the 21st century!