The Town of Saugus
Tree Committee

What Is the Tree Committee?

The Saugus Tree Committee is a volunteer board with three main goals:

  1. Maintain the Town Tree Farm.
  2. Educate people about the importance and benefits of trees.
  3. Continue an ongoing program of street tree replacement.

Saugus was first declared a "Tree City" by the National Arbor Day Foundation in 1998, but Saugus has always been known for its trees (in fact, even the Saugus Town Seal features a tree in the background). By maintaining the Tree Farm, we can ensure that public trees lost to disease and injury get replaced at a minimal cost to the Town.

So What Are the Benefits of Trees?

It is in the best interest of everyone in Saugus to preserve the local trees. Consumer surveys maintain that people stay longer, shop more often, and purchase more goods in a beautified business area. Homes with trees are sold for more money than those without, and rental properties with trees demand higher rates. Plus, trees save on both home heating and home cooling bills. Trees screening houses from northern winds can reduce heating expenses by as much as 40%. On the flip side, a healthy quantity of trees over a large area tends to reduce the "heat island effect" common in urban areas in the summer. See Why Plant A Tree? for more reasons.

Who Is on the Tree Committee?

Current members of the Committee include:

What Are Some Related Organizations and Agencies?

There are several agencies and organizations (both official government and private non-profit) with goals related to the Saugus Tree Committee's. Here are a few:

Are There Any Other References Online?

There are lots and the number is increasing all the time. Here are a few: