Why Plant A Tree?

The following is displayed with permission from the Mass ReLeaf Program and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management and was originally adapted from work done by TreeFolks of Austin, TX. Please contact Edith Makra at 617/727-3180x579 for more information.

  1. It's cool. Properly placed shade trees can cool your home, cool the urban heat island, and cool the planet.
  2. It's healthy. Trees produce oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide as well as gaseous and particulate pollutants.
  3. It's clean. Trees trap and filter dust and pollen on their hairy leaf surfaces.
  4. It's ecological. Trees and forests are a major component in the regulation of our planetary ecosystem.
  5. It's economical. Not only can trees cut energy costs, they add dollar value to your property for little comparable investment in time and energy.
  6. It's conserving. Trees slow and conserve water. Trees stabilize and enrich soil.
  7. It's nurturing. Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife, including humanlife.
  8. It's educational. Planting your tree, caring for it, and watching it grow is a valuable learning experience.
  9. It's beautiful. Trees enhance our landscape with colors, flowers, and beautiful shapes.
  10. It's calming. Trees provide a buffer against strong winds, loud noises, and glaring light.
  11. It's powerful. Why worry helplessly about an increasing greenhouse effect? Join your friends in creating a cooler, cleaner, greener home.
  12. It's healing. We are all part of the pollution problem. We can be part of the solution by consuming less and planting more.
  13. It's spiritual. Through planting your tree, you are actively participating in the eternal action of creation.
  14. It's giving. Plant a tree as a gift to your loved one, your town, your state, or Mother Earth.
  15. It's fun. Try it and see.